Where to Stay in Da Lat, Vietnam’s Most Romantic City

No matter whether you go for a basic homestay, one of Da Lat’s small family-run hotels, or choose for luxury in some of the higher-end places in this mountainous town, there is almost no “wrong” place to stay.

Working on your Vietnam itinerary and afraid it’s going to be loud, busy, and motorbike-filled? Discover why more and more travelers are putting Da Lat, the country’s most romantic city, on their list of must-sees. Offering a rich variation in types of accommodations, from cheap homestays to luxe resorts, let us show you why we think you shouldn’t miss this city. Especially if you love flowers, coffee, or both (and who doesn’t!)

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Welcome to Vietnam’s capital of romance, Da Lat

Centrally located and offering rare cool temperatures, clean air, and friendly faces all year around, Da Lat is a place that many travelers, both local Vietnamese and from abroad, cherish. It’s a romantic place, with flowers as far as the eye can see, a beautiful lake that offers stunning sunsets, and a generally laid-back vibe that makes every moment so easily enjoyable. Just spending a day or two here will help you understand why the Vietnamese refer to this town in the mountainous highlands of Vietnam as “Little Paris” or “Honeymoon City”.

where to stay in da lat
Da Lat is a romantic place, with flowers as far as the eye can see, a beautiful lake that offers stunning sunsets, and a generally laid-back vibe that makes every moment so easily enjoyable

While tourism is increasingly a big draw for the capital of Lam Dong Province, it rarely feels “touristy”. Instead, it often looks as if you have landed in a relatively untouched place. Locals still live the life they would otherwise live, seemingly unphased by the few foreign faces walking around their picturesque streets.

The main attractions in Da Lat are sporty adventures, flower fields and coffee farms outside of the city. This allows the town itself to remain a gentle, calm, and relaxing place. And accommodation mirrors this in every single aspect. From budget-friendly small homestays all the way up to private luxury cabins with sweeping views, Da Lat has it all.

Budget: well-designed homestays and hostels


Because Da Lat is relatively small, and quiet throughout, it’s not hard to book a stay inside the action. Since you come here for a relaxing change of scenery, you almost can’t go wrong. Of course, if you still want to connect with as many people as possible, the options are always there, especially in hostels and homestays.

In fact, Da Lat is known amongst locals as the city of “a new homestay every two weeks.” The sense of rest and relaxation comes through in even the most affordable options.

Là Nhà Homestay, Da Lat

Nowhere does this idea of a well-designed homestay manifest itself then at Là Nhà (At Home) Homestay, considered the place that made homestays trendy again with Vietnamese youth. Originally an old villa, like the other houses on Hoang Dieu Street, well-known photographer Dinh Ngu took it upon himself to transform it into this highly Instagrammable travelers’ retreat.

best hostels in da lat
Light, sunny, and happiness-inducing common spaces, inside and outside
best hostels in da lat
Photo: Là Nhà Homestay
The beds could not be much simpler, nor could they be cuter for that matter | Photo: Là Nhà Homestay

Offering both private rooms and dorms, a shared living room and communal kitchen, this will be a comfortable stay in beautiful surroundings that you or your followers won’t soon forget.

Là Nhà Homestay: 77 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 5, Da Lat
Homepage: Là Nhà Homestay Facebook
Prices start at 150,000 VND or about 6.5 USD

YOLO Camping House, Da Lat

“You Only Live Once”, isn’t that why you’re traveling far from home? Why you embraced this crazy adventure and found yourself prepping for one or more weeks in this country? Well, the people behind Yolo Camping House in Da Lat certainly understand the need to explore. Originally founding the YOLO Hostel N Bar that packs a number of dorm rooms right in the city center, these “lovers of life” launched a whole new initiative called the YOLO Camping House, now about two years ago.

The building is literally in the mountains (left) and offers tons of light and serene sights inside (right)
Photo: YOLO Camping House, Da Lat | 

As the name suggests, YOLO Camping House is a hostel and house in one. Yes, you heard that right – this house really does offer the best of both worlds, with fully set-up campsites inside the rooms. And, in line with the camping spirit, you won’t find a TV or other electronics in your room, or should we say tent? You will find the essentials: a comfy bed, a few decorative elements and of course, the tent itself, which you can close like a curtain, in case you want to sleep in a bit after long nightly conversations “under” the starry skies.

Camping inside a house, protected from the elements but with a view of the starry nights… only in Da Lat! | Photo: YOLO Camping House

With views of the mountains to boot, this place truly is a unique way of spending one or multiple nights in Da Lat. It may be a bit unusual, but then again… you only live once!

YOLO Camping House: 27B Ba Thang Tu, Ward 3, Da Lat City
Homepage: YOLO Camping House Facebook
Book with Airbnb: YOLO Camping House

Tents with rooms for 1-5 people start at 300,000 VND or about 13 USD

Dalat Lacasa Homestay II, Da Lat

Just looking for a good price and a central location? Dalat Lacasa Homestay II will certainly fit your needs. This hostel is well-designed and has everything you could wish for in a stay at this price. Well-done dorms pack several beds in one room but still provide privacy. The solo rooms offer bright, clean and sunny designs, comfy beds, and a sink right in the room. Besides the great layouts, the main draw here really is the location.

Photo: Dalat Lacasa Homestay II

Situated on the Thu Khoa Huan Street, all of Da Lat’s main city attractions are within walking distance. Whether you want to pick up some fresh food at the old market or take a stroll alongside the lake, it’s right out your door.

Dalat Lacasa Homestay II: 59 Thu Khoa Huan Street, Ward 1, Da Lat City
Homepage: Dalat Lacasa II Facebook
Rooms start at 180,000 VND or about 8 USD

Mid-range: Small Hotels

Misty Hill, Da Lat

Besides its reputation of being the “Paris of Vietnam”, Da Lat is also known as the land of mist, with low-hanging clouds covering the valleys almost year-round. Nowhere is that on display more than at the aptly-called Misty Hill. This is a small family-run hotel in the mountains, only five minutes by motorbike or taxi from the city center.

From the early morning, when misty mountains are overwhelmed by golden sunlight, to the gorgeous cooler afternoons and even during a rain shower (don’t forget that Da Lat will be in rainy season from about May to November, check here for information on weather in Da Lat), the views from your room at Misty Hill never disappoint.

Sun is just so much better when it’s projected onto sheets of mist

And even if the views outside tire you, there’s enough to see inside. The interior has been handpicked by the owner and features many little trinkets, pieces of ceramics and locally-made fabrics.

Misty Hill Da Lat
Common rooms are stocked with travel books and offer many spaces to sit and make plans | Photo: Misty Hill

If it’s peacefulness and nature that you’re looking for without spending a lot, Misty Hill will be your top choice.

Misty Hill: 31/5C 3/4 street, Ward 3, Da Lat City
Homepage: Misty Hill Dalat Facebook
Book with Airbnb: Mars Room, Sun Room, Earth Room
Rooms start at 500,000 VND or about 23 USD

Émai, Da Lat

A (slopey) few minutes’ walks from the little town center, Émai Homestay is nothing but enchanting. From the moment you approach the place, you will feel like you’re leaving all that you know behind. Everything brings you good vibes, from the romantic font on the name sign outside the gate, to the lovely flower garden you pass on your way in, to the simple and rustic setup of the small art cafe and the Italian-inspired rustic restaurant space. Here, you can find local writers and travelers from afar all at the same time. Everything at Émai feels elegantly put together and charms you at each step of the way.

Homestay in Da Lat Emai
Photo: Émai Homestay, Da Lat

The menu at this homestay is not at all what you may expect here in the highlands of Vietnam, with Italian-inspired salads, pasta, and pizzas leading the charge. But it’s no surprise when you know that its owner (famed writer and poet Đoàn Minh Phượng) spent over 20 years in Europe, learning the flavors preferred on this of the world. Prepared by a local chef, the vegetable-led cuisine feels truly foreign in the best way possible, while local and fresh ingredients still remind you of where you are.

Emai Da Lat Homestay
Émai’s Japanese-style attic rooms with skylight and garden views | Photo: Émai Homestay

Run by Ms. Doan’s children and nephew alongside a team of talented locals, Émai feels as breezy and romantic as the city it’s in. Rooms vary both in size and layout to fit every need. The first-floor rooms for example, all have bright windows with beautiful garden views. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique and playful, you’ll enjoy Emai’s attic rooms. These rooms were inspired by Japanese architecture with comfortable mattresses on the floor, that look towards a skylight for nightly stargazing. All rooms have private bathrooms with Japanese wooden bathtubs.

Émai Homestay: 1 Thi Sach, Ward 6, Da Lat City
Homepage: Émai Dalat Facebook
Book with Airbnb: Jasmine room, Ivy room, Clara room, Lila room, May room

Rooms from 900,000 VND or about 40 USD, including breakfast and coffee or tea

The Seen House, Da Lat

The Seen House simply needs to be … seen. This stunning “country inn” is situated right on Da Lat’s Tuyền Lâm Lake and offers sweeping views of the water and the mountains behind it. Even if you don’t end up staying here, the place welcomes all for a cup of lakeside coffee in the sun or an intimate lunch. Only a 15-minute car ride from the town’s center, you will be arriving at something that almost seems otherworldly.

Photo: The Seen House, Da Lat
Friendly views (left) and friendly faces (right) at The Seen House, Da Lat |

The rooms’ interior design is simple but of high quality. The large glass panel that fronts the rooms and the fact that they’re right on the lake, means you’ll be waking up to incredible sunrises over the water. Besides the five private rooms and two family rooms that The Seen House packs, there is the cafe, the restaurant, a library, and a workshop.

Imagine doing your work from here. The Seen House surely offers views that need to be seen | Photo: Kim Thuy Tu 

While the prices are absolutely modest and the overall approach minimalist, there is an undeniable resort feel to the place, stemming from the level of detail. Thoughtfulness appears to be a unifying factor between the hotel, restaurant, and bar, especially when it comes to the service. And, of note is the strong Wifi, for those digital nomads that want to combine sunsets with a bit of work.

The Seen House: Vuon Thuong, Ho Tuyen Lam Ward, Da Lat City
Homepage: The Seen House Facebook
Rooms start at 1,500,000 VND or about 67 USD

Luxury: Resorts

Because Da Lat is quite affordable, even compared to other Vietnamese cities, it’s no surprise that many of the places to stay here skew towards the lower end of the budget. That doesn’t mean of course that there aren’t some experiences to be had that require digging a little deeper into your wallet, but still, the prices are relatively modest.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa, Da Lat

Ana Mandara is famous in Da Lat and far beyond for offering a chance to stay in one of the villas that make up this little village in French colonial style. And when we say village, we mean it. The seventeen villas are built around a network of near cobblestoned roads and lush gardens built in the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Ana Mandara da lat
A French home in Vietnam.| Photos: Ana Mandara

Waking up in Ana Mandara means opening your eyes (and ears) to nothing but peacefulness, fresh mountain air, and the upbeat chirping of birds that call the trees surrounding you their home. A world on its own, you slowly stretch, slowly get out of bed, perhaps take a shower and walk to the quaint little restaurant, while passing flowers on your one hand and pine trees on the other.

best hotels in da lat
A different kind of luxury: waking up in colonial French-Vietnam.| Photos: Ana Mandara

After breakfast, it’s up to you whether you want to retreat to your villa and sit on the front porch, or maybe take a walk around and later outside the village walls, into the mountains of Da Lat. Regardless of what you do, you will truly be transported back to a different time, and it wouldn’t take much more than a few days to leave all your “real world” thoughts and memories behind and truly feel at home.

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort & Spa: Le Lai, Ward 5, Da Lat City
Homepage: Ana Mandara Resort Webpage
Rooms start at 2,800,000 VND or about 128 USD.

Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, Da Lat

While we honestly don’t think this will be the very best experience Da Lat has to offer, if you’re in the market for some “old-world luxury,” the Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel will have you covered. The area where this hotel is located was originally a popular hunting grounds but has since evolved into a spa and golfing destination.

Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel
Traditional luxury is served in this “Palace” | Photos: Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel

The rooms offer views of either the neighboring lake or Da Lat’s cathedral, come with a chandelier, have a minibar and a TV. Some of the more premium rooms and suites will give you access to your very own private fireplaces and a balcony. The room rate is inclusive of breakfast, and there’s a fine-dining French restaurant on site, as well as a pizzeria and an outside terrace. As you can imagine, there will be nothing you will be lacking during your stay here.

Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel: 2 Tran Phu, Ward 3, Da Lat City
Homepage: Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel Webpage
Prices start at 3,200,000 or about 142 USD

Bich Dao Villas, Christina’s Da Lat

Surely, after seeing all these beautiful villas on the lush hills of Dalat would make you dream about staying in one, right? The good news is, the people’s beloved Christina’s has arrived in Dalat, and we have those villas at your disposal. If you have not happened to know, Christina’s is the #1 ranked hospitality in Vietnam, appreciated by travelers for the cozy and classy atmosphere with the focus on delicate details. In addition, the Bich Dao Villas are conveniently located near Bao Dai’s Palace, hidden in a beautiful garden and just about 10-minutes of walking to the city center. Which is more perfect for a sweet escape in this capital of romance?

Christina’s Bich Dao

Being newly renovated, those french colonial-styled villas ensure your lovely stay comes with everything that you need for a pleasant vacation. Super comfy beds with fluffy duvets are going to keep you warm during the night, and a LCD TV with good selections of channels to keep you entertained before bedtime. En-suite bathrooms will take care of you after a long day out exploring the charm of the city. Feeling lazy for some time? Just spend a day reading books in your suite with natural sunlight coming from the big windows, or relax in the sun in the hydrangea and lavender garden with a nice warm cup of tea or coffee in proximity.

Do you want to stay in this lovely room with a romantic view to our garden?

Adding to the package, the breakfast is included at our Bistro Restaurant from 6.30 am to 9.30 am with fresh localized ingredients. After that, the restaurant serves à la carte fusion cuisine until 10 pm for your hearty lunch and dinner. You can also notice the kitchen in advance for a warm BBQ evening by the campfire!

Having breakfast in our adorable restaurant

Bich Dao Villas, Christina’s: 8 Trieu Viet Vuong, Ward 4, Da Lat City
Homepage: Bich Dao Villas, Christina’s Da Lat
Rooms start at 1,170,000 VND or about 50 USD

Exploring beyond your Da Lat “home”

No matter whether you go for a basic homestay, one of Da Lat’s small family-run hotels, or choose for luxury in some of the higher-end places in this mountainous town, there is almost no “wrong” place to stay. Every room will offer you the opportunity to wake up to fresh mountain air, to take a stroll in a place with plenty to discover, and make it your home base to explore further, go on crazy adventures or simply stay put with a good book and a fantastic coffee.

best luxury hotels in da lat
Go on crazy adventures or simply stay put with a good book and a fantastic coffee.

Christina’s Airport Transfer

Finding a reliable and comfortable means of transportation from the airport to your hotel can be a struggle, especially if you’ve just gone through a long and tiring flight. To avoid all these troubles right after arriving in Da Lat, just book with us and experience a hassle-free trip to your hotel. No scams, no more dealing with overpriced taxis, or even risk of being dropped off at the wrong address.

As quick and simple as it is, our private car transfer just needs your flight information when booking. After that, everything will be ready once you exit the airport and see our driver waiting for you. The driver will also contact your hotel in advance to ensure a smooth transportation. So all you have to do is hop in the car, sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole transit!  

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