Top Accommodations in Con Dao for Every Budget!

Con Dao is a cluster of 16 islands and islets, among which, Con Son island is the largest and most populated site in the area. Most tourist attractions, historical sites, and local spotlights are here, particularly in Con Dao Town and Con Son Bay. This is also where you should book your room and spend several days enjoying the sunny charms.

hotels in con dao
Con Dao Sunset | Ly Thien Hoang/Flickr

In addition to being a significant relic site of the war, Con Dao is an interesting spotlight to discover if you love islands! From partaking in ecotourism, taking care of the sea turtles, to enjoying the sunrise chill on the white sandy beach, Con Dao provides you everything you will need. In this article, I am going to outline the best places to book your accommodation on Con Son Island. These accommodations are categorized by price.

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The Arrangement of Con Dao Archipelago

Like I said, Con Dao is a cluster of 16 islands and islets, among which, Con Son Island is the largest and most populated site in the area. Other areas of the island are quiet and still, with high-end resorts here and there so that your stay will be spent in the undisturbed silence of nature.


An Hai Beach, located to the south of the town is a sandy, naturally beautiful beach. Book a hotel in this area if you want to enjoy either nature’s peace or the hustle of life. An Hai Beach is where lots of fishermen anchor their boats. So if you wake up early in the morning, you can watch how people set up their equipment for a whole new day of fishing, while the sun rises on the horizon.

Dat Doc beach is located to the north of the town. From the island, the land stretches its two arms into the sea, creating a V-shape cup with the luxurious Six Senses Resort lying at the bottom of the cup. Thanks to the geographical features, this beach is less windy compared to the others. Half of the white sandy beach belongs to Six Senses.

hotels in con dao hotel
Con Dao Beach | Binh Huynh/Flickr

Dam Trau beach, located a few miles to the west of Con Son Airport, Dam Trau beach is also an interesting place to stay. Its golden sand is said to be one of the softest and deepest beaches in Vietnam. From here, you will witness numerous gloriously picturesque sunsets.

Nhat Beach, several miles to the northwest of the Shark Nose, is picturesque with a series of small beaches bordered by boulders. The very best time to see this beach is from 2 PM – 7 PM when the tide goes down. There are a few hostels around this area making it great for budget travelers.

Other beaches on Con Son Island are worth a visit, even though you may not find accommodation close by.

To book a place on this newly developed island, you can either choose traditional booking platforms or try Airbnb where you can essentially book a private room in a person’s home and let them be your host during the stay. It will definitely be a more personal experience. With Airbnb, if you sign up for a referral from your friend, you will enjoy a 25 USD discount on your first trip of above 75 USD. You can sign up with this link.

You have now figured out the characteristics of different areas on Con Son Island. Below are several suggestions for a chill stay:

High-End Resorts

Six Senses

Six Senses, a reputable resort brand across Southeast Asia, is known for its architecture that blends into the superb natural surroundings. The beloved couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, back during their time in 2011, chose this resort to stay during their family trip to Con Dao island. This resort is out of reach of the hustle and bustle of Con Dao Town. Hence, you can expect to spend your vacation feeling like you are hiding from the rest of the world in a little island lost in the huge Pacific Ocean.

luxury hotel con dao
Six Senses Con Dao | Photo: Six Senses Con Dao

You can book an entire wooden villa with a private pool and a perfect panoramic sea view. Specific amenities are included to boost your experience. You will love the exceptional, full-range services here, especially their well-trained and super friendly staff. This is the only luxurious international resort in Con Dao.

Price: from 600 USD per night
Address: Dat Doc Beach
Website: Six Senses Con Dao 

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa

The beautiful Poulo Condor opened recently in December 2016. Their architecture and design are reminiscent of a French-style villa of a wealthy Vietnamese family. Paulo Condor was also the name of Con Dao back in the 18th century. You can book a suite or a villa and enjoy the silence which is one of the greatest treasures this resort offers. There is a reading room where you can find a wide range of reading materials in many languages.

where to stay in con dao
Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa | Photo:

Located in the remote Bai Dong – Co Ong Site, this resort will take you away from the busy spotlight of Con Son Town, which is perfect for a trip of relaxation. However, let’s not forget to take a day trip into town, visiting the prisons and the graveyard to get an idea of the arduous times the island and its inhabitants have been through. Many of the locals had to hand over their villas similar to Poulo Condor, to join the army and fight for their country like a hero would.

Price: from 250 USD per night
Address: Bai Vong – Co Ong Site
Website: Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa 

Con Dao Resort

This resort will remind you of a superb formal hotel from the 20th century in Vietnam, with lots of supportive amenities, a tennis court, a large pool, a seafront garden, and clean, comfortable rooms. You should pay a bit more for a sea view room if you enjoy waking up to beautiful golden sunrays.

resort in con dao
Con Dao Resort | Photo:

Price: from 100 USD per night
Address: An Hai Beach
Website: Con Dao Resort 

Standard Accommodation

ATC Resort

This is a complex of rustic bungalows and 1930s French villas renovated into a resort. Therefore, you can find a variety of choices, from a single room without a kitchen to a nostalgic villa with a dining room and pool. In addition, their rooms are not standardized into one style, so you can browse through and choose what you like.

con dao hostel
ATC Con Dao Resort | Photo:

Similar to many other good resorts in town, ATC Resort is settled on Ton Duc Thang Street, boasting a beautiful ocean view. Even if you are not booking a sea view room, no worries. The magnificent beach is just a few steps from your room.

Price: from 50 USD per night
Address: 08 Ton Duc Thang Street
Website: ATC Con Dao Resort 

Uyen’s House

Uyen’s House opened recently, operating like a homestay plus café complex. The uniquely designed wooden house has three private room suites and a dorm with 10 beds. Each private room has a washing machine which you can use for free. If you are looking for a homey feeling, and at the same time want to be spoiled, look here.

con dao accommodations
Uyen’s House Homestay | Photo:

Price: from 30 USD per night (with dorms for 10 USD per night per bed)
Address: Pham Van Dong Street
Website: Uyen’s House 

Budget Stays

Red Hotel

You will love this hotel if you are a history lover. A few minutes walk from Con Dao Museum, this hotel offers clean and spacious rooms. It is, in addition, close to the night market of the island.

Price: from 29 USD
Address: 17 Nguyen An Ninh
Website: Red Hotel 

Phi Yen Hotel

Bright and clean, Phi Yen Hotel is named after the honorable lady Phi Yen – a wife of King Gia Long – who was left behind on this island and committed suicide after a strange man tried to touch her, back in the 17th century. While their room decoration looks a bit out of date, their hospitality and beautiful location are worth your money.

Price: from 25 USD
Address: 34 Ton Duc Thang Street
Website: Phi Yen Hotel 

Con Son Island Hotel

Located on Ton Duc Thang Street, this mini-hotel looks simple and bright right from the outside. The team that runs it is wonderful.

Price: from 25 USD
Address: Residential 4 Ton Duc Thang Street
Website: Con Son Island Hotel 

Lighthouse Boutique

Unlike the above-recommended places, this boutique hostel is located inside the town, five minutes away from the market and 15 minutes to the beach. Each room at this mini hostel offers you a balcony, a fridge, and a minibar. How about waking up right in town, walking to the market for an early morning coffee, and observing the way people set up their new day? Then you can head to the beach.

Price: from 19 USD
Address: 10 Ho Thanh Tong Street
Website: Lighthouse Boutique Hotel 

If you ever compare Con Dao to Phu Quoc, you will notice that accommodation services on Con Son island are less developed than those on the other more developed and popular islands. However, you will love Con Dao thanks to its sincere people and the dramatic historical value it preserves.

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