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Top 6 Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

With fascinating bays, charming beaches, bustling cities and amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in Vietnam. In fact, there is enough to see and do to make sure that no couple gets bored for a century-long honeymoon.

With over 3,000km of coastline running almost the entire length of the country, your fantasy of a getaway with your partner on a beautiful beach is finally fulfilled. But if you wanna delve into mesmerizing culture, the busy metropolises of Vietnam is your best bet. So here we give you a complete guide to 6 wonderful honeymoon spots in Vietnam:

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Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

Hanoi’s autumn is definitely a specialty of the north with the ability to infatuate anyone. When fall knocks on your door, people can feel the cool breeze and smell the fragrance of milk flowers and jasmine flowers on each corner of the old town. The city seems to be more beautiful than ever thanks to golden sunbeams and the peaceful, relaxing pace life. Holding hands with your significant other, strolling along Ho Tay, Ho Guom or wandering on Phan Dinh Phung sidewalk flooded with yellow leaves will sweep you off your feet. Another romantic activity for love birds is experiencing the ancient beauty of Hanoi’s 36 old streets on bike. These are the streets that retain many of Hanoi’s traditional traits and offer an enormous amount and diversity of products ranging from drums to silk.


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Ha Long Bay

Recognized as a natural world heritage, Ha Long Bay is a huge aquatic painting that comes to life by the magic of Mother Nature. Thousands of rock islands have created such a marvelous work of art. And this is a suitable destination for young couples to enjoy romantic dinners together, bathing in the blue water of the sea, or exploring the rocky mountains and caves.

Ha Long is about 177km from Hanoi, which would take more than 4 hours by car. When coming to Halong, the couple can go shopping at Hon Gai Market, hang out at Ha Long Night Market, and view Ha Long Bay from Bai Chay Bridge. There are many 3 and 4 star hotels in Bai Chay resort with an average price of 500,000 VND. However, if you go on weekends or at peak time, you should book in advance to be sure of room availability.

Getting From Hanoi To Ha Long Bay

To visit the bay, couples should rent a boat tour with a price of 100,000-150,000 VND/person for a 4-6 hour route around the bay. If you don’t mind investing in a little more on the time of your life, you can also book a cruise and a enjoy romantic night on the bay. 3-star yachts often cost over 3 million VND/night /room for 2 people, inclusive of dining and fun activities such as kayaking, karaoke, squid fishing. For further information, you may click through our “How to do Ha Long Bay Right” article.


Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

Gifted with favorable factors such as cool year-round climate, romantic scenery, developed tourism, diversified food, and affordable prices, Sapa is proud of her charm which can elevate your honeymoon tour to its peak.

From Hanoi, couples can go to Sapa by boat to Lao Cai and then take the car to Sapa. A train ticket to Sapa is about 500,000 VND/person.

Sa Pa has many beautiful places for young couples to explore such as Ham Rong, orchid garden, Silver Falls, Sa Pa ancient rock or Cat Cat village, and O Quy Ho. The wonderful nature and friendliness of indigenous people will surely fascinate you. For more convenience, you should rent a motorbike from your hotel/motel. Due to a large number of foreign tourists, in addition to local dishes such as Sa Pa barbecue and salmon, you can also taste European and Asian dishes in restaurants near Sapa Market.

Da Nang

Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

If exciting culture adventure is going to be the order of your honeymoon, head off to Da Nang. It is a mix of two extremes: a bustling city with the highest level of development but blessed with access to sunny and breezy environments, primitive forests and beautiful beaches. Water lovers can find themselves in their element while visting My Khe beach – one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world.

Moreover, you could watch the city at night in 115 meter-high Sun Wheel, enjoy the mountain breeze and fluffy clouds on Ba Na peaks, and experience a one-of-a-kind rock climbing train service. Five-star resorts along the coast will be the ideal paradise for newly married couples to create a bunch of beautiful memories. Located right in such an advantageous position, you can both enjoy the sparkling beauty of the city while enjoying fresh seafood.

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Hoi An

Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

For couples who are fans of tranquility and nostalgia, Hoi An will be an ideal choice you should not miss. You can walk together in the empty streets while soaking up the atmosphere of the Old Town. If the walk tires you out, stop by a traditional restaurant so you can together enjoy the yummy dishes of Quang Nam. In case that’s not your thing, pay for a cycle driver to be your tour guide around the streets and river banks. The gentle music playing on loudspeakers throughout the town will accompany you and your spouse for the whole trip.

The best time to go to Hoi An is on the full moon day. Because you can attend local performances and get-togethers, munch on some street food or buy a floating lantern to release down the river.

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Nha Trang

Honeymoon Spots in Vietnam

This coastal city offers a private serving of romantic indulgence. It will be all about peaceful moments strolling on white sands and soaking in the mineral springs to let your hair down after the wedding. In addition, you will take shared journeys through endlessly lush jungles on a cable car, making the most of your time at Vinpearl Land, experiencing the ice bar at Ice Bar Nha Trang. There is also an exciting world of water at Tri Nguyen Aquarium, or the unsolved mystery in Ponagar tower waiting for you to discover.

It would be remiss of me to not mention fancy accommodation that is available there – from stunning beach resorts to boutique city-centre hotels. Isn’t it the best thing on Earth to share with your other half an evening of lounging around on deckchairs at a beachfront bar and drinking cocktails in comfort?

We hope this list could inspire you to create a wonderful honeymoon in Vietnam. It is a sure thing that anyone considering a honeymoon to Vietnam won’t be disappointed.

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