An Giang: All About the Land of Seven Mountains

An Giang is a mysterious and charming land with many interesting stories that you should not miss if you visit the Mekong Delta.

An Giang Province is the land of Seven Mountains in the Mekong Delta area, one of the most mysterious landscapes in Vietnam. In addition, An Giang possesses many places that attract travelers to its beauty. This province is also the land of the Cham people, an ethnic minority of Vietnam, so the culture is varied and makes for an interesting experience!

an giang
Photo: Instagram @steve.ninh.nguyen

An Giang Province has two big cities: Chau Doc City and Long Xuyen City, with many different tourist attractions. We will explore both!

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Transportation and Time to Visit

Because the Mekong is a delta, the roads are very flat and it’s easy to reach An Giang. Almost every tourist company has at least one tour to visit An Giang Province. But if you want to travel by yourself, you can buy a ticket easily to reach An Giang in Ho Chi Minh City. Now I will share with you some places to buy a bus ticket from Ho Chi Minh City:

Ho Chi Minh City to Long Xuyen City

Phuong Trang Transportation Company
Departure: Mien Tay Bus Station, 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Ward An Lac, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Destination: 99 Ham Nghi, Ward Binh Khanh, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province
Contact for booking: (+84) 2839 208 559
Price: around 150,000 Vietnamese Dong per person

Hung Cuong Transportation Company
Departure: Mien Dong Bus Station, 292 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Destination: 392 Pham Cu Luong Street, Ward My Quy, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province
Contact for booking: (+84) 2838 572 624
Price: around 150,000 Vietnamese Dong per person

Ho Chi Minh City to Chau Doc City:

Phuong Trang Transportation Company
Departure: Mien Tay Bus Station, 395 Kinh Duong Vuong Street, Ward An Lac, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
Destination: Chau Doc Bus Station, National Road 91, Ward Vinh My, Chau Doc City, An Gian Province
Contact for booking: (+84) 2839 208 559
Price: around 150,000 Vietnamese Dong per person

Hung Cuong Transportation Company
Departure: Mien Dong Bus Station, 292 Dinh Bo Linh Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
Destination: Chau Doc Bus Station, National Road 91, Ward Vinh My, Chau Doc City, An Gian Province
Contact for booking: (+84) 2838 572 624
Price: around 150,000 Vietnamese Dong per person

The best time to visit An Giang is from December to April because you avoid the rainy season from May to November. If you can, you should visit in April and August of the Lunar Calendar because you can enjoy the excitement of the two biggest festivals in An Giang: Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival (23rd to 27th of April) and Racing Bull Festival (late August).

Accommodation and Food

Where to Stay in An Giang

You can visit this article to learn about hostels, homestays, and hotels of the Mekong Delta area. But here I will specifically recommend a few places you can stay in An Giang.

hotels in an giang
Photo: Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

In Long Xuyen City:

Hoa Binh Hotel
Address: 130 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward My Binh, Long Xuyen City
Contact: (+84) 296 6252 999

Mai Van Anh Hotel
Address: 1-2-3 Ham Nghi Street, Ward Binh Khanh, Long Xuyen City
Contact: (+84) 766 252 729

Soa Mai Hotel
Address: 199 Quan Co Thanh Street, Ward Binh Khanh, Long Xuyen City
Contact: (+84) 913 799 344

In Chau Doc City:

Victoria Chau Doc Hotel
Address: 1 Le Loi Street, Chau Doc City
Contact: (+84) 296 3865 010

Murray Guesthouse
Address: 11 – 15 Truong Dinh Street, Chau Doc City
Contact: (+84) 763 562 108

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge
Address: Vinh Dong 1, Ward Nui Sam, Chau Doc City
Contact: (+84) 296 3575 888

Where to Eat in An Giang

The Mekong Delta has a distinct cuisine culture in Vietnam with unique dishes. You should visit this article to get more information about food in the Mekong Delta.

I recommend trying these restaurants when visiting An Giang Province:

Lien Phat Restaurant
Address: Trung Nu Vuong Street, Ward Chau Phu B, Chau Doc City
Hours: 6 AM – 9 PM
Contact: (+84) 98 717 2999

Chau Doc Hoi Quan Restaurant
Address: 64 – 68 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward Chau Phu B, Chau Doc City
Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM
Contact: (+84) 296 6586 868

Grill & Cheer Restaurant
Address: 224 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ward My Binh, Long Xuyen City
Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
Contact: (+84) 296 3959 698

Vuon Hanh Phuc Restaurant
Address: 24B Ton Duc Thang Street, Ward My Binh, Long Xuyen City
Hours: 6 AM – 10 PM
Contact: (+84) 949 999 107

Where to Visit?

The Seven Mountains of An Giang

Administered by the districts of Tri Ton and Tinh Bien, the Seven Mountains area is known as the most mysterious and sacred place in Vietnam. Every year it attracts many tourists and pilgrims looking to learn the stories of each mountain.

what to do in an giang
Photo: Instagram @ tina_1989_tina

Because Vietnam was ruled by the Chinese for a total of a thousand years in the past, our language has been influenced by ancient Mandarin. As a result, we have borrowed many words rooted in Chinese and we call these words Han-Viet. We use the term thuan Viet to refer to the words that originated from Vietnam only. Each mountain of the Seven Mountains also has two names: one Han-Viet name and one thuan Viet. Even the overarching name, the Seven Mountains, has two names: That Son (Han-Viet) and Bay Nui (thuan Viet).

Let me tell you about the stories of each mountain!

Nui Cam (thuan Viet)
Thien Cam Son (Han-Viet)

With the height of 716 meters and the length of 7,500 meters, this is the highest mountain of the Seven Mountains, as well as the most sacred one. Its name also speaks of a legend. In the late 18th century, King Gia Long before becoming the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty was defeated by the Tay Son Dynasty and fled to this mountain for refuge. His subordinates forbade the locals from entering the mountain. Because of this, the mountain was called Nui Cam, meaning the forbidden mountain.

things to do in an giang
Photo: Instagram @siinshine

There is another legend that explains the Han-Viet name Thien Cam Son (meaning heaven’s forbidden mountain): there were once many monsters in this mountain killing people and eating them. Therefore, the king of heaven used his power to imprison all the beasts, forbidding them from doing bad things.

Nowadays, Thien Cam Son is a very famous tourist attraction of An Giang Province which possesses majestic sights, a gigantic Buddha statue, Thuy Lien lake, and Thanh Long Stream. Climb the peak of Thien Cam Son and enjoy the scenery as beautiful as heaven!

Address: An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District.

Nui Nuoc (thuan Viet)
Thuy Dai Son (Han-Viet)

In contrast to Thien Cam Son, Thuy Dai Son is the smallest and lowest mountain of the Seven Mountains with 20 meters in height. From July to October of the Lunar Calendar, the water level of the rivers rises so high that it covers the foot of the mountain. This explain its name Nui Nuoc (meaning water mountain) and Thuy Dai Son (water reservoir mountain). During the flood season, the surrounding landscape is covered by water, so it seems like a small hill in the spacious sea. Long ago, Nui Nuoc was under water for a very long time, creating the flat and smooth rocks of the mountain. From Nui Nuoc, you can see Ngoa Long Son (of Seven Mountains) far away.

Address: Ba Chuc Town, Tri Ton District

Nui Dai (thuan Viet)
Ngoa Long Son (Han-Viet)

Nui Dai is the longest mountain of the Seven Mountains with a length of approximately 8,000 meters. The thuan Viet name of this mountain, Nui Dai, also means long mountain. Because it meanders like an East Asian dragon, the Han-Viet name, Ngoa Long Son, means lying dragon mountain. Volcanic rocks, granite rocks, and Jurassic rocks compiled to create Nui Dai. There are many precious woods and birds inhabiting the length of Ngoa Long Son as well, making it a natural wonder of nature and life.

O Ta Soc military base is located on the highest point of Nui Dai, administered by An Ninh Village, Luong Phi Commune, Tri Ton District. In the Vietnam War, this place was one of the important bases controlled by the South Vietnam resistance force. Now it is a tourist attraction to learn about the Vietnam War.

Address: across Chau Lang Commune, Luong Phi Commune, and Le Tri Commune, Tri Ton District

Nui Dai Nam Gieng (thuan Viet)
Ngu Ho Son (Han-Viet)

This mountain has a height of 265 meters and is ranked as the fourth highest mountain of the Seven Mountains. The names Nui Dai Nam Gieng (meaning long mountain with five wells) and Ngu Ho Son (five lakes mountain) alludes to the five sunken areas containing water that look like five wells. These small wells are not more than two square meters wide. Word has it that the wells are protected by gods so they will never dry up. This land is also called nam gieng nuoc troi which literally means heaven’s five wells.

Despite the rough terrain with gigantic rocks, Ngu Ho Son has stunning scenery: evergreen trees, majestic sights, and the mysterious five wells. You can see Anh Vu Son, belonging to the Seven Mountains, opposite Ngu Ho Son.

Address: across Nha Bang Town, An Phu Commune, and Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District

Nui Ong Ket (thuan Viet)
Anh Vu Son (Han-Viet)

Anh Vu Son is 225 meters tall and 1,100 meters wide. There are many interesting details about this mountain. In the past, when locals went to the mountain to collect firewood, they created a trail to the mountain peak. Walking along this trail leads you to an untouched scenery of nature, it is very beautiful and peaceful.

Halfway up the mountain is a gigantic rock called Mo Ket (parrot beak) because it looks like the head of a parrot. This explains the names of this mountain: Nui Ong Ket and Anh Vu Son both meaning parrot mountain. Stand on this rock, and you may feel as if the mountain is moving because you can see the clouds floating like heaven around you. There are many tourist attractions in Anh Vu Son such as San Tien (fairy yard), Gieng Tien (fairy well), the temples of Chu Than, Phat Thay, Phat Mau, Ngoc Hoang, Huynh Long, Ba Co, U Minh, and Chu Vi Nam Non Bay Nui.

Address: Nha Bang Town, Tinh Bien District

Nui Co To (thuan Viet)
Phung Hoang Son (Han-Viet)

Nui Co To (Co To mountain) is named after the commune it is located in, Co To Commune, Tri Ton District. Nui Co To is the third longest mountain and the second highest mountain of the Seven Mountains, with the length and height of 5,800 meters and 614 meters respectively. Legend has it that many kinds of birds immigrated to this mountain, including the phoenix. Therefore, locals call it Phung Hoang Son (phoenix mountain). Also, the shape of Nui Co To looks very similar to a phoenix spreading its wings.

mountains of an giang
Photo: Instagram: @jonnyrouse7

In the west of Nui Co To is Tuc Dup Hill. The terrain of this hill is full of rocks and a narrow path winds through it. There are many large caves which were once used to store weapons and used as shelter during the Vietnam War by the South Vietnam resistance. In the east of Nui Co To, in 1986 people dug a lake and named it Soai So Lake. This is the largest man-made lake of An Giang Province with an area of five hectares.

Address: Co To Commune, Tri Ton District

Nui Tuong (thuan Viet)
Lien Hoa Son (Han-Viet)

In the past, locals climbed to the mountain and saw a lake in which there was a lotus flower with leaves as large as a wheel. So, they called this mountain Lien Hoa Son (lotus flower mountain). Now there is no lotus flower, but because this mountain looks like a gigantic elephant from a far distance, it is also called Nui Tuong (elephant mountain).

Lien Hoa Son has a height of 145 meters and a length of 600 meters, and is ranked as the second smallest mountain of the Seven Mountains. Because locals do not exploit the trees, on the way to the peak you will be surrounded by a healthy forest.

Pro tip: You need a local or a tour guide to help climb to the peak of Lien Hoa Son, since there is no trail leading you directly to the peak. A navigator will be very helpful!

What to Do?

Chau Doc Market

Chau Doc Market is renowned as the kingdom of fish sauce, because more than half the stores in this market specialize in, you guessed it: fish sauce. I have many foreign friends and most of them are afraid of the odor of this sauce. In fact, fish sauce is like durian: you hate the smell at first, but once you try it, you will become addicted to its smell as well as its taste. There are roughly 30 kinds of fish sauce like Thai sauce, catfish sauce, snakehead sauce, perch sauce, Siamese mud carp sauce, and so on.

an giang market
Photo: Instagram: @bill

Chau Doc Market operates starting in the early morning and ends around mid-day. In addition to fish sauce, this market also offers many different kinds of fruits with reasonable prices. The southwest of Vietnam is the largest delta of the nation, so the fruits here are various, fresh, delicious, and cheap.

Address: Bach Dang Street, Ward Chau Phu A, Chau Doc City

Oc Eo Vestige

This is a large area that tells the story of the old kingdom of Phu Nam, a mighty nation in Southeast Asia, existing about 2,000 years ago. The Vietnamese and foreign archeologists have found many artifacts proving the development of Oc Eo culture. It was once a great coastal city, which was one of the most bustling cities of the area, that was buried deeply underground!

Address: Sap Mountain – Ba The Mountain, Thoai Son District

Ba Chua Xu Temple

A legend exists retold by the locals: in the early 1800’s, locals found a statue of a goddess in Sam Mountain. They asked the strong men in the village to climb to the mountain and bring it down, but it was no use. Then, a girl was divinely told that to bring the statue down, you needed nine virgins. And that was true! Nine virgins easily brought the statue down to the foot of Sam Mountain and constructed a temple to worship that goddess. It was Ba Chua Xu Temple (Temple of the Local Goddess).

an giang temples
Ba Chua Xu Pagoda

Nowadays, Ba Chua Xu Temple is a holy place for pilgrims to come and ask for her protection and benediction. Many cultural activities like worshiping and dancing recur every year in Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival from the 23rd to the 27th of April of the Lunar Calendar.

Address: Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc City (at the foot of Sam Mountain)

Cham People’s Village

The Cham people are now one of 54 tribes in Vietnam. In the past, the kingdom of Cham people, which is called Champa Kingdom, was a powerful force in Southeast Asia. After being ruled by the Kingdom of Dai Viet (a kingdom of the Vietnamese) in the 17th century, the population of the Cham people decreased sharply or they immigrated. There are only a few groups of Cham people living within the territory of Vietnam in the south. The Cham people’s village in Chau Doc City reflects the activities as well as the customs and cultures of this great tribe. You may feel like you are lost in a tiny kingdom surrounded by Vietnam!

A Cham lady in An Giang | Photo: Instagram @kimkhanhphoto

Address: near Chau Giang Ferry, Le Loi Street, Ward Chau Phu B, Chau Doc City.

Bung Binh Thien

This is a lake located in An Phu District. According to the local dialect, bung means lake or pond; binh means flat and peaceful, referring to the tranquil water of this lake. Thien mean heaven and god. Therefore, the name Bung Binh Thien tells us that this is a peaceful lake gifted by the god from heaven! You can hire a boat to float on the lake, enjoying the fresh and tranquil atmosphere and the beautiful sights.

Photo: Instagram @trinhhoaitri

Address: across Khanh An Commune, Khanh Binh Commune, Nhon Hoi Commune, and Quoc Thai Commune, An Phu District

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

I think this is the most beautiful site in Chau Doc which makes it a must-visit place once you set foot in the city. All of the trees are sunk deep in the water, creating a unique environment in which to discover this “sunken” forest. You can also witness the biodiversity of the plants: it possesses hundreds of fauna and flora which are on the edge of extinction. It doesn’t stop there. The most interesting thing is that you can explore every corner of this forest by boat and immerse yourself in the splendor of the forest.

Photo: Instagram @thutabby

Address: Tra Su Ecotourism, National Highway 91, Van Giao Commune, Tinh Bien District

Long Xuyen Floating Market

Long Xuyen floating market is not as large as other floating market in the area, but it is a bustling market with hundreds of boats coming together to trade during the rush hours.

To reach Long Xuyen floating market, you have to hire a boat from O Moi Ferry to travel along Hau River for about two kilometers. The best time to visit Long Xuyen floating market, or any floating market in Vietnam, is around 5 AM to 6 AM.

Address (of O Moi Ferry): 1 Phan Huy Chu Street, Ward My Long, Long Xuyen City

Floating Village of Chau Doc City

The floating village of Chau Doc City is also a village of the Cham people. It consists of houses floating on Hau River, with the roof and walls made of aluminum tole. Because many locals must raise fish for a living, floating houses are made to take care of the fish flocks. Visit this floating village, and you will have the chance to feed the fish yourself, buy fish, and cook them on site. Enjoy the extraordinary feeling on these floating houses!

an giang floating market
Photo: Instagram @getlostmagazine

Address: Hau River, Chau Doc City

Ta Pa Paddy Field

There are no tourist services in Ta Pa paddy field, but this is a really beautiful attraction! Once you visit An Giang Province, do not miss this beauty! You will never regret spending your time visiting Ta Pa paddy field, since the perfectly beautiful scenery here will win your heart forever. This is just an area dedicated to growing rice, but the wonderful combination of the field, the mountains, and the trees will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Photo: Thai Duong Le

Address: Nui To Commune, Tri Ton District

Ton Duc Thang Memorial

Mr. Ton Duc Thang was the first president of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam after the reunification of the nation. It is the custom of the Vietnamese to worship a leader after he’s dead to show our respect to his life. Visiting this memorial will give you a look into how our people respect our leaders of the country.

Address: Ong Ho Island, Ward My Hoa Hung, Tri Ton District

Passing the Border with Cambodia

You can easily pass the border between Vietnam and Cambodia with your own passport and an eVisa. However, you’d better go with a tour guide who can help you communicate with locals and the custom officials.


Here are the border gates in An Giang Province:

  • Vinh Xuong Border Gate in Tan Chau District
  • Tinh Bien Border Gate in Tinh Bien District
  • Khanh Binh Border Gate in An Phu District
  • Vinh Hoi Dong Border Gate in An Phu District

I hope I have convinced you to visit and explore An Giang Province, the mysterious place of Seven Mountains.

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