Saigon Digital Nomads: Cafes to Get Some Work Done, District 7

District 7 is a new residential quarter of Ho Chi Minh city, so the area is very tranquil, which is perfect for living and working. Many Vietnamese and foreigners, especially people coming from Korea, choose District 7 to stay and work.

I lived in District 7 for one year, and I have to admit this district is perfect: peaceful environment and close to the city center. When I lived there, I went around and found good places to concentrate on my writing. Now, I’ll introduce you to my top list of best coffee shops that are excellent for working in this southern district of Saigon.

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Comma Book Coffee

The very first place I want to introduce to you, which is also my most favorite one, is a book café with more than 2,000 books. An expansive shelf filled with charming books that spans the entire wall was the first thing I noticed upon entering this shop. Comma has a medium-sized area, in which there are several types of seats for customers to choose based on their demand. But what sets this place apart from the rest, is the private seating area designed like a beehive. When you crawl into your own nook shaped like a honeycomb, you will be completely isolated from the outside world with your own space to work.

saigon digital nomad
Photo: Cafe Comma

If you go with your colleagues, Comma also offers long and large table for groups. When you are tired of working, Comma lets you play board games for entertainment. Although some people come to Comma just to play board games, they respect the atmosphere of the coffee shop and don’t make too much noise. The only minus point is the weak illumination, but you can borrow the desk lamps from the shops for free.

Wi-Fi speed: Good
AC: Yes
Food: Comma has many cool dishes on the menu, like spaghetti, fried bread, hamburgers, pizza, and noodles.
Price: 30,000 – 70,000 Vietnamese Dong
Address: 653 Le Van Luong street, Tan Phong ward, District 7, HCMC

The Coffee Connect

The Coffee Connect got its name from its desire to connect coffee lovers, but I think the name and space also nods to the connection of ideas. This coffee shop possesses an awesome space for productivity because its design inspires people to work efficiently. Great coffee, silent environment, a spacious area, and good service are what visitors can expect.

digital nomad in saigon
Source: Foody

This café provides many armchairs, sofas, and pillows for the best experience, you can stay for hours. Most of the customers come to work and study, so this coffee shop always maintains a quiet atmosphere. The main visitors are the nearby university students, so you should avoid coming during exam season, which is usually in December and May.

Wi-Fi speed: Good
AC: Yes
Food: There are no food or pastry options, but the delicious ice-blended drinks can cover this absence.
Price: 35,000 – 60,000 VND
Address:  No.5, street 38, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, HCMC

Coffee Time

Coffee Time has a large area, including indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor space is suitable for those people who want to work silently. The outdoor space is usually occupied by chatting groups and families who have children because it has a playground for kids.

coffee time district 7 hcmc
Source: Facebook Coffee Time

Coffee Time is perfect to work and think if you come during weekdays and in the mornings to avoid the weekend crowd. The outdoor space is full of green trees, so you can relax your eyes after looking at a screen for a long time by observing the fresh and clean environment outside. There are also many artistic pictures on the wall as well as inspiring quotes. If you have kids, take them to Coffee Time, let them do what they want, and focus on your tasks.

Wi-Fi speed: Great
AC: Yes
Food: The food menu of Coffee is very diverse with bread, rice, and pho.
Price: 30,000 – 60,000 VND
Address: 307C Le Van Luong Street, Tan Quy Ward, District 7, HCMC

Awesome Coffee

This small coffee shop is located on the busy Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard, but it’s really quiet inside. In the evening, the shop is illuminated by small desk lamps and chandeliers, which brings customers comfort and relaxation. Awesome Coffee at night is perfect for working on a laptop or writing, because the wall decoration under the dim light really inspires creativity.

coffee shops in district 7 hcmc
Source: Facebook Awesome Coffee

Awesome Coffee offers big soft armchairs so that you can lean back and take it easy after working hard. The tiramisu in this coffee shop is considered as one of the most delicious tiramisus in Saigon. The owner of this café is Korean so you will often hear the language when visiting Awesome Coffee. Maybe you can make a few more expat friends while you work!

Wi-Fi speed: Good
AC: Yes
Food: Once again, order tiramisu and enjoy it! They also serve other cakes like cheese cake and chocolate cake.
Price: 50,000 – 100,000 VND
Address: 994 Nguyen Van Linh street, Tan Phong ward, District 7, HCMC

Artisan Bakery & Coffee

This is another Korean shop in District 7. Artisan’s mainly focuses on cakes and it also sells coffee and tea. Since this place specializes in Korean cakes, it’s always crowded. But you do not need to worry about the noise. Students and freelancers love this shop because in addition to the cool place for studying and working, you can treat yourself after a hard day of work by ordering a delicious cake.

artisan bakery coffee district 7 saigon
Source: Facebook Artisan’s

The ground floor contains the bakery with a delectable display of cakes which stimulates the appetite. In my opinion, you should not sit on the ground floor to work because the attractive cakes will strongly distract your concentration. The first floor is better, which has a view to a swimming pool and is more silent than the ground floor. You can also choose the outdoor space of Artisan, where you can watch the street filled with city-dwellers whenever your eyes tire.

Wi-Fi speed: Good
AC: Yes
Drink: What is better than having a yummy cake and then sipping coffee, a smoothie, or juice?
Price: 45,000 – 70,000 VND
Address: 108 – 110 Ha Huy Tap street, Tan Phong ward, District 7, HCMC

The Coffee House

The Coffee House is undoubtedly the most developed coffee brand in Vietnam recently with more than 100 stores all over Vietnam. There was a time when I went to The Coffee House every day to work because I really like how they arrange the chairs, tables, and decorations. The theme colors of orange, yellow, and black make for a cozy and comfortable space, and moreover the mellow themes encourage a serious attitude toward your tasks.

Source: Thecoffeehouse

It is said that the chairs and tables in The Coffee House are designed in order to provide customers with the most relaxing experience. The target customers of this brand are students and freelancers who want to find a place to stay for hours to study and work. However, this is not a place for those people who require quiet spaces. Since many people come to The Coffee House, it has that special energetic hum of a coffee shop. The signature drink of The Coffee House is not coffee, but the macchiato. I recommend trying the fried rice tea macchiato, which is my most favorite drink at The Coffee House.

Wi-Fi speed: Great
AC: Yes
Food: They have bread for breakfast and tiramisu.
Price: 30,000 – 60,000 VND
Address: There are four stores in District 7:
– 58 Lam Van Ben street
– 400A Huynh Tan Phat street
– 313 Nguyen Thi Thap
– 492 Nguyen Thi Thap

O’Hara Coffee

O’Hara Coffee is designed based on European architecture with the theme colors of black and brown. Because this is a new coffee shop and not many people know about it, you can have an extremely silent space to work. The shop is decorated with cute trinkets in the vintage style that create a nostalgic and classic mood.

coworking space d7 hcmc
Source: Facebook O’Hara’s

O’Hara provides from big to small chairs which are soft and comfortable so that you can sit there all day to work and relax. If you visit O’Hara on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 8 PM to 10 PM, you can listen to a piano performance. Doesn’t it sound perfect to work with the melodious piano?

Wi-Fi speed: Great
AC: Yes
Food: They serve a dozen main dishes from 7 AM – 3 PM and sweet cakes during opening time, so don’t worry about being hungry while working.
Price: 35,000 – 100,000 VND
Address: 21 Nguyen Thi Thap street, Tan Phu ward, District 7, HCMC

Tous Les Jours Bakery

This is another Korean brand bakery and café, powered by CJ group, a very famous group in South Korea. Tous Les Jours in District 7, which is usually called Tous Les Jours Panorama, is located in the Panorama department. This is a residential quarter so the surroundings are quite silent. Moreover, the first floor of Tous Les Jours Panorama provides a peaceful space with suitable chairs and tables for working and studying and a romantic view to Nguyen Huu Canh street.

Source: Facebook Tous les Jours

Wi-Fi speed: Good
AC: Yes
Food: In my point of view, Tous Les Jours offers the best breads and cake in Vietnam. They have many interesting and tasty types of dessert. There are also smoothies and juices.
Price: 30,000 – 70,000 VND
Address: 203 Ton Dat Tien Street Tan Phong Ward, District 7, HCMC

I hope this article provides a few options to determine the best suitable café for you to focus on your tasks in our new urban area of District 7.

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